11 February 2007

Binder Cover

Letter from Chair

1. Agenda

2. Venue

3. Participants 

4. Welcome and Introductions

5. Overview of the four Project with Papers for 2005-2007

6. Auditing Biodiversity: Guidance for Supreme Audit Institutions

7. Cooperation Between SAIs: Tips and examples for cooperative audits

8. Evolution and Trends in Environmental Auditing

9. The World Summit on Sustainable Development: A audit guide for Supreme Audit Institutions

10. WGEA Web Enhancements – Phase II

11. Expand Tools to Keep Water and Waste Alive

12. Fifth Survey on Environmental Auditing

13. Implementation of the WGEA Communication Plan

14. Regional Progress Reports
Regional Round-Up Progress Reports

15. WGEA 11 Tanzania

16. 2008-2010 Workplan

17. Transition to New WGEA Chair