Assembly Programme
19 - 21 January 2021


Tuesday 19th January

5:45 UTC     Warming up and virtual morning coffee

  • Testing the technical venue
  • Housekeeping instructions


6:00 UTC     Opening ceremony

  • Tytti Yli-Viikari, Chair of INTOSAI WGEA, Auditor General, National Audit Office of Finland
  • Krista Mikkonen, Finland's Minister of the Environment and Climate Change


6:15 UTC     Circular Economy, Keynote speeches

  • Joss Blériot, Head of Institutions & Governments, Ellen MacArthur Foundation
  • Elisa Tonda, Head, Consumption and Production Unit, UNEP


7:15-7:30 UTC     BREAK


7:30 UTC     Circular Economy within the European Union, Government and The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra

  • Jyrki Katainen, President of The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, former Vice-President of European Commission, interview by Auditor General Tytti Yli-Viikari


8 UTC     Panel Discussion on Circular Economy

  • Panelists: Joss Blériot, Elisa Tonda, Jyrki Katainen
  • Auditor General Ms. Yli-Viikari moderates the discussion


9-12 UTC     BREAK

11-12 UTC   Virtual Mingling Opportunity 

12 UTC     Practical session on Circular Economy

  • Inspirational speech “Recycling nutrients and regenerative agriculture”, Saara Kankaanrinta BSAG Foundation, Soilfood Ltd & Q Power Ltd
  • Case Overview of Audit on Agricultural Circular Economy Projects
    SAI China

  • EU action on plastic waste in the context of circular economy package
  • Role of Rag Pickers/ waste pickers in Circular Economy
    SAI India

  • Addressing the Circular Economy through Waste Management
    SAI Indonesia

  • Commentary discussion on measuring circular economy
    Enni Ruokamo, Finnish Environment Centre
    Johanna Pakarinen, Statistics Finland

approx 14:00 UTC     Closing the day


14:00 UTC - 16:00 UTC     Regional meetings of AFROSAI

Wednesday 20th January



7:45 UTC     Virtual morning coffee and opening the day


8:00-10:00 UTC     Session on Sustainable Transport (WP4)
The session is led by SAIs of China, Indonesia and Thailand

  • Progress report
    SAIs of China, Indonesia and Thailand
  • Lifecycle management of the transport network
    SAI Finland

  • European Court of Auditors on challenges on sustainable urban transport
    Mr Joao Coelho, European Court of Auditors

  • Sustainable transport, public transport using electric power, subsidy system
    SAI Czech Republic

  • General overview of the Smart Cities Mission and experiences gained from audits focussed on specific cities/ transport sector
    SAI India


10:00-11:00 UTC  BREAK


11:00-13:15 UTC     Session on Plastic Waste (WP2)
The session is led by SAI India

  • Progress Report
    SAI India
  • Auditing the performance of the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency with regard to its monitoring process of plastic waste management operations – 2019

    SAI Egypt

  • Actions taken to manage the plastic waste problem in Finland – Fragmentation, Overlap, Duplication and Gap analysis
    SAI Finland
  • Audit of Plastic Waste Management Challenges (Reduction of Plastic Bags)
    SAI Iran

  • FBSA’s Role in Auditing The Plastic Waste Management State Policy
    SAI Iraq

  • Plastic Waste Treatment and Processing
    SAI North Macedonia

  • Actions to reduce plastic waste and its effective management in Poland
    SAI Poland

  • Circular Economy/Plastic Waste – Audit Case


13:15-14:00 UTC     BREAK 


14:00-16:00 UTC     Session on Climate Finance (WP3)
This session is led by the U.S. GAO

  • Project vision, background on climate finance, SDG and other indicators
  • Reflections of the global climate finance trends and negotiations
    Mr Ismo Ulvila, European Commission
  • Ongoing performance audit “Finland’s International Climate Finance”
    SAI Finland
  • European Court of Auditors on climate finance
  • Expenditures on climate policy
    SAI Mexico
  • Discussion in break-out groups


16:00-17:00 UTC      BREAK

17:00 UTC
     Panel discussion on SDGs

Panelists: the leaders of the Work Packages

Moderator: Moderator: David Le Blanc, Division for Public Institutions and Digital Government, UN DESA


18:00 UTC     Closing the day

Thursday 21st January



7:45 UTC    Virtual morning coffee and opening the day


8:00 UTC    The Global Sustainable Development Report (GSDR2019) and systemic thinking
Eeva Furman, Professor, Director, Environmental Policy Centre of the Finnish Environment Institute

Covid-19 and the linkages to the environment
Christian Kroll, Bertelsmann Stiftung

9:15 – 9:30 UTC     BREAK


9:30 UTC     News from the RWGEAs
Video greetings from Regional WGEAs, including AFROSAI, ASOSAI, COMTEMA, EUROSAI, and PASAI


10:00 UTC    Session on Experience Sharing and Capacity Building (WP 6)

  • Progress report, 10th Survey and Annual Audit Collection
  • International Centre for Environment Audit and Sustainable Development (iCED)
    SAI India
  • Update of MOOCs on environmental auditing
    SAI Estonia
  • Training on Sustainable Development Goals
    SAI Indonesia
  • Citizen Participatory Audit and environmental auditing
    SAI Philippines


10:45-11:00 UTC     BREAK


11:00 UTC    Interactive session on the WGEA past and future (WP1)
Session chair: Secretariat


11:45 UTC   Session on policy coherence in the context of SDGs (WP 5)
 Session chair: Canada

  • How the UK government is organised to deliver its long-term environment goals: lessons for policy coherence
    SAI UK
  • Policy Coherence and Integration for SDG Targets Audit methodology progress
    SAI Canada
  • Policy Coherence in Combating Desertification - An audit by the Portuguese SAI
    SAI Portugal
  • Improving the Policy Coherence for Renewable Energy Development through the Audit on Renewable Energy Contribution in Indonesia
    SAI Indonesia
  • Observations on Phenomenon-Based Budgeting – a review conducted by NAOF
    SAI Finland


13:15-13:30 UTC     BREAK

13:30 UTC    Session on Effective Communication and Stakeholder Relations (WP 7)

  • Multi-stakeholder engagement in the implementation of Agenda 2030 – Innovations from Finland
    Marja Innanen, Chief Specialist, Prime Minister’s Office Finland
  • Progress of WP 7
    Tiina Väänänen, INTOSAI WGEA Secretariat


14:00 UTC    INTOSAI WGEA Award Ceremony


Approximately 14:30     Closing ceremony

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