The INTOSAI WGEA activities are organized under thematic hubs in order to focus work on a few carefully chosen areas, and to ensure sufficient expertise and quality of work. The INTOSAI WGEA defines the thematic focus areas separately for each three-year Work Plan period. The current Work Plan 2023-2025 focuses on two overall themes 1) Climate and Biodiversity, and 2) Green Economy. Both hubs include several projects and a few collaborative audit activities. The acticities under these projects cover delivering webinars and workshops as well as writing reports and producing guidance materials for SAIs.

One of the most visible parts of the INTOSAI WGEA work are its meetings. According to the WGEA conventions, both the Assembly and Steering Committee gather twice during the three-year Work Plan period. The upcoming meetings during the Work Plan 2023-2025 are:

  • 19th Steering Committee Meeting in Rabat, Morocco, 16-19 March 2023
  • 22nd Assembly Meeting in Rovaniemi, Finland, 22-24 January 2024
  • 20th Steering Committee Meeting online, 28-31 October
  • 23rd Assembly Meeting, June 2025 (tbc) 

Finally, the INTOSAI WGEA provides versatile support for SAIs and auditors with varying level of expertise on environmental auditing in line with the WGEA Strategy 2023-2030. The training and capacity building activities vary from collaborative audits and providing hands-on support for those SAIs and auditors that are conducting their first environmental audit to producing training material and delivering training courses and webinars. During 2023-2025, the INTOSAI WGEA together with INTOSAI Development Initiative will also pilot a peer-to-peer (P2P) initiative which aims to respond to the need for technical support by SAIs. Based on the pilot experiences and feedback, the concept will be discussed further.

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