WG 10

27 October 2005

WG10: Moscow, Russia 27.10.2005


Table of Contents and Enclosures 

Letter from Associate Chair 

Binder Cover 

1. Agenda
2. Venue
3. Participants
4. Welcome and Introductions
5. Interactive Workshops on Environmental Auditing
  • Overview
  • Compendium of Workshop Papers (post)
  • Auditing Biological Diversity (Presentations will be posted after meeting)
  • Auditing Climate Change (Presentations will be posted after meeting)
  • Increasing the Impact of Environmental Audits (Presentations will be posted after meeting)
  • Environmental Auditing: Facing the Challenges (Presentations will be posted after meeting)
6. Minutes
7. Parallel Working Sessions
8. Update on Environmental Auditing Programmes of the IDI
9. Regional Round-Up Progress Reports
10. Moving Towards Auditing Biodiversity
11. Cooperation Between SAIs: Tips and Examples
12. Evolution and Trends in Environmental Auditing
13. Reviewing the Implementation of World Summit on Sustainable Development Commitments
14. Expand Tools to Keep Waste and Water Alive
15. Fifth Survey on Environmental Auditing
16. Implementation of the WGEA Communication Plan
17. WGEA Web Enhancements
18. Fundraising Strategy
19. Next Meetings