Assembly programme
4-6 July 2022

Assembly programme

Monday 4th July


- All times are according to the local time in Maldives (UTC +5)


10:00     Webinar opens


10:15-11.15     Opening ceremony

  • Recitation of Quran
  • Chair of INTOSAI WGEA, Auditor General Dr Sami Yläoutinen, National Audit Office of Finland (via video)
  • Auditor General of the SAI Maldives, Hussain Niyazy
  • President of UNGA, Honourable Abdulla Shahidh (via video)
  • WGEA 30th Anniversary Tribute- Sand Art Video
  • Environment Club Awards and Special Acknowledgement Award from the WGEA
  • Keynote speech of the Guest of Honour, the representative of the Government of Maldives


11:30-12:45     Resilience and climate change risks

  • Moderator: Dr Vivi Niemenmaa, INTOSAI WGEA Secretariat
  • Keynote: Director of the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction, Mr Ricardo Mena Speck: Resilience as a concept, Sendai Framework and UNDRR action
  • Panel discussion:
  • Minister of Environment, Climate Change and Technology, Ms Aminath Shauna
  • Special Envoy for Climate Change, Ms Sabra Noordeen: Climate change resilience in the Maldives
  • Q&A
  • Assistant Director Joe Thompson, GAO USA: Disaster Resilience Framework


12:45-14.00     Official lunch hosted by AGO


14:00-15:15     Climate change adaptation

  • Moderator: Performance Audit Director, Ms Rauhath Hussain, SAI Maldives
  • Keynote: Lead Author of the Small Island Chapter Shobha Maharaj, IPCC: Science base of adaptation: Why is adaptation important?
  • Panel discussion:
  • Climate Change Specialist, Mr Ali Shareef
  • Minister of the State for Tourism, Mr Ibrahim Rasheed Aboobakuru
  • SAI Costa Rica: Pressure on public finances due to climate change
  •  Q&A 
  • Music video by Pacific activist Mia Kami



15:30-16:30     Audit examples on resilience and adaptation in various government sectors

  • Audit case examples
  • Commentary: Senior specialist on climate change adaptation, Dr Karoliina Pilli-Sihvola, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Finland
  • Q&A


16:45-17:45     Audit examples on water related issues

  • Audit case examples
  • Commentary: Performance Audit Manager, Mr Mohamed Ibrahim Jaleel, SAI Maldives
  • Q&A


17:45-18:15     Initiativies for collaborative audits

  • IDI collaboration audit on climate, Archana Shirsat
  • Global Climate Scanner, Dashiell Velasque da Costa, SAI Brazil


18:15      Closing remarks of the day 1



Tuesday 5th July


 08:45     Webinar opens


 9:00-10:15     Session on climate finance: funding   mechanisms, challenges, and audit approaches

  • Moderator: Performance Audit Manager Mohamed Riznee, SAI Maldives
  • WGEA Report on Auditing Climate Finance, Senior Analyst Marissa Dondoe, SAI USA
  • Project examples from the Maldives, Senior Energy Specialist Mr. Akram Waheed
  • Commentary: Regional Director Nadir Mohammed, World Bank
  • Manager Camilla Fredriksen, IDI Global Foundation Unit: How can we scale up support to help SAIs become more responsive to climate change?


 10:30-11:45     Session on Sustainable Transport: The Role of Auditing Sustainable Transport to the Achievement of SDGs and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change 

  • Panel Discussion: How to assess sustainability of transport and what still needs to be done to achieve sustainable transport, Ms. June Yeonju Jeong, UNEP
  • Sustainable Transportation Development in China, Professor LI Qian, Institute of Comprehensive Transportation of China’s National Development and Reform Commission
  • Sustainable Transport Policies and Strategies in Maldives, Project Assistant Shimhaz Wafir
  • Guidance of Auditing Sustainable Transport, Ms. Pitriyanti, SAI Indonesia
  • Developing Audit Questions and Criteria on Sustainable Transport: Lesson learned from ASOSAI WGEA
  • Cooperative Audit on Sustainable Transport, Zhang Hongwei, SAI China; Normas Andi Ahmad, SAI Indonesia; Pimpisut Pansook, SAI Thailand
  • Q&A, Kritsanu Thipnoy and Ms. Narunat Inkonglad, SAI Thailand


 11:45 -13:00     Lunch break


 13:00-14:15     Session on Plastic Waste: Focus on Indian  Ocean

  • Moderator: Tiina Väänänen, INTOSAI WGEA Secretariat
  • Quick introduction: UNEP online courses on multilateral environmental agreements
  • Head of the Consumption and Production Unit in United Nations Environmental Programme, Ms Elisa Tonda: Plastic pollution resolution and preprations of multilateral environmental agreement
  • Plastic waste management policies in African Coast of Indian Ocean, Dr Auyb Macharia, Director at the Ministry of Environment and Forestry in Kenya
  • Tackling plastic waste in the Maldives, Ms Mariyam Samha, Environmental Analyst at the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change and Technology, and Ms Shaahina Ali, the Executive Director of Parley Maldives.
  • WGEA report on Auditing Plastic Waste, Manish Kumar, SAI India


 14:30-15:30     Session on Policy Coherence and  Multistakeholder Cooperation 

  • WGEA report on auditing Policy Coherence and Multistakeholder engagement
  • SAI Canada audits on the SDGs, Principal Kimberley Leach
  • SAI Thailand model on approaching the SDGs
  • Citizen Participatory Audit Introduction Video, SAI Philippines
  • Commentary: Anna Piccinni, OECD


 15:45-17:00     Group work on the WGEA Work Plan 2023-2025


17:15     Group leaders report to the Secretariat


Wednesday 6th July



08:45     Webinar opens


09:00 – 10:30     INTOSAI WGEA Business meeting

  • Secretariat Progress Report
  • Regional updates
  • Audit example: Coordinated Audit on mining environmental liabilities in Latin America and the Caribbean, SAI Chile
  • Adoption of 2020-2022 reports


10:45-12:30     Business meeting continues: introduction of upcoming projects

  • Interview of Professor Sir Partha Dasgupta over the video: Economics of biodiversity

Climate Hub:

  • Global Climate Scanner, SAI Brazil
  • Collaboration on climate change adaptation, IDI
  • Biodiversity and climate nexus, system change approach, Vivi Niemenmaa

Green Economy:

  • Environmental accounting, Tiina Väänänen
  • Green fiscal policy tools, Green Fiscal Policy Network
  • Sustainability reporting, Sustainability Advisor Nina Johansson and CIPFA and Vice President of CA Maldives, Hassan Mohamed

Strategy and the Work Plan 2023- 2025

  • Review of the comments from Tuesday’s group work results and adoption of the future strategy and Work Plan 2023-2025


12:30- 13:30     Lunch break


13:30-15:00     WGEA Anniversary & Award

  • History of WGEA Video
  • Quiz


15:00     Closing Ceremony

  • Auditor General Hussain Niyazy
  • Chair of INTOSAI WGEA, Auditor General Dr Sami Yläoutinen, National Audit Office of Finland


15:30-17:30     Steering Committee meeting


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