Strategic Response to Climate Change for SAIs – Context, Collaborators and Capacity Considerations

Parallel to Assembly programme, IDI’s Global Foundations Unit organizes a 3-day workshop on Strategic Response to Climate Change for SAIs from Tuesday 23 to Thursday 25 January. Assembly participants are welcome to sign up for the workshop.

Tentative programme and more information in the outline here.

In this workshop, participants will learn more about the global context of the climate change, the players on the world stage, and the impact both have on national and SAI-level mandates to responding to climate change. The workshop will explore:

  • Linkages between climate change and international interventions on environmental development
  • Critical aspects under the existing regimes including effectiveness and volume of climate finance,
  • Effects on national legislation and policies
  • Vulnerabilities that climate change accelerates
  • SAIs’ key role in assessing the effectiveness of the national climate action and ensuring value of donor money
  • The need for coordination across all layers of responsiveness

The objectives of the workshop are to:

  • Increase understanding of why it’s important for SAIs to focus on the area
  • Provide insight into approaches SAIs could take
  • Enable SAIs to identify the channels and opportunities present in-country through ongoing
    development programmes and international partners
  • Allow identification of necessary capacities to do more environmental audits
  • Give SAIs the tools to approach international partners to express needs for support.

Although the workshop is not a technical workshop on audit, it does discuss the context and necessary capacities that need to be in place for SAIs to increase their technical audit skills. It also includes an introduction to analysis of country context and mapping. Together, these elements feed into SAI’s ability to communicate their needs for capacity building support to international partners. The workshop is delivered by Camilla Fredriksen, IDI, together with international experts.

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