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The following is a list of selected Web sites that may be of interest to supreme audit institutions (SAIs), members of the Working Group on Environmental Auditing (WGEA), and those working in the field of environmental performance auditing. The Web sites have been grouped under logical headings, as described below. For links to the Web sites of SAIs, please look under Environmental Audits Worldwide on this Web site (see the navigation bar on the side).



The following are links to regional bodies, working groups, and committees directly associated with the International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions:

Non-INTOSAI Audit Offices and Organizations

The following links are to federal government auditing bodies and national auditing associations that are not members of the INTOSAI community:

International Institutions

The following are links to non-governmental international bodies involved in auditing:


The following are links to other sources of information on environmental performance auditing, WGEA themes of water and waste, and international environmental data:


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