HLPF Side event and Bulletin release


INTOSAI WGEA is taking part in organizing a side event in the context of the UN High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development on 15 July with the General Secretariat of INTOSAI and INTOSAI Development Initiative. The Side Event is co-sponsored by the Permanent Missions of Austria and Indonesia to the UN and supported by UN DESA. The event is called “Accelerating implementation of the 2030 Agenda – The contribution of Supreme Audit Institutions”.

The event will showcase specific examples of audit work – at national, regional, and global levels – that contributes to the in-depth review of three of the SDGs under review at the HLPF in 2022, namely SDGs 14, 15 and 17 as well as SDG 16. These examples aim to show how auditors can help assess the interlinkages, trade-offs, and synergies among the SDGs, and highlight specific findings and recommendations to accelerate achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. The event will be moderated by Kimberley Leach from SAI Canada, and WGEA will be presenting in topics related to policy coherence (WGEA Secretariat), SDG 14 (SAI USA) and SDG 15 (SAI Brazil).

In relation to this event, WGEA has released a bulletin on SAI and WGEA action on SDGs 14 and 15. The document summarizes WGEA work done with these topics and covers main audit case findings from WGEA Audit database related to SDGs 14 and 15. The bulletin also serves as a background material for WGEA’s sections of the previously mentioned side event.