INTOSAI WGEA Tree is now available


Since 1998, INTOSAI WGEA has published over 50 research papers, guidance documents and training materials. First publications addressed natural resource accounting and cooperation among SAIs in auditing the international environmental accords. The work evolved to include waste and water issues, biodiversity and climate and energy topics. The INTOSAI WGEA has also addressed natural resource topics from mining to agriculture. An additional “branch” of WGEA activities includes publications loosely related to data, for example on environmental impact assessment and market-based instruments. 

In the “roots” of the tree, one can find contributions related to the SAIs’ own work, such as tips for SAIs conducting cooperative audits and how SAIs could pay attention to their own environmental impact and increase their visibility through effective communication. Finally, there is a body of work related to professional pronouncements.

You may download the INTOSAI WGEA Tree from here.