Check out WGEA’s blog post by the Finnish Environment Institute: ‘Climate crisis cannot be tackled without attention to biodiversity’


Check out WGEA's newest blog post Climate crisis cannot be tackled without attention to biodiversity by Tiina Piiroinen, Uula Saastamoinen and Marianne Aulake from the Finnish Environment Institute (Syke). The post introduces central findings of the literature review on Climate - Biodiversity Nexus and highlights the role of environmental auditors in climate change mitigation and biodiversity protection.

On 9 December, themes of nature, land use and oceans are present at COP28 in the UAE. The program includes topics of resilience, climate action and biodiversity preservation, among others. Hence, this day marks a good opportunity to be reminded of the significance and interconnectedness of climate change and biodiversity loss. The interconnection of the nexus climate change and biodiversity is one of the projects of the INTOSAI WGEA Workplan 2023-2025. Read more about this nexus from the literature review.