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21-Apr-2021 - NEWS

10th Survey on Environmental Auditing launched 9 April

The INTOSAI WGEA Secretariat is pleased to inform that the 10th Survey on Environmental Auditing was launched 9th of April.

INTOSAI WGEA surveys have been conducted by each INTOSAI WGEA Chair ever…

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18-Feb-2021 - NEWS

Visualization of the 20th INTOSAI WGEA Assembly

It has been one month since our 20th INTOSAI WGEA Assembly meeting. The minutes are on their way and the Seminar Summary on Circular Economy will be published in the upcoming weeks. Before publishing …

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28-Jan-2021 - NEWS

Upcoming International Workshop on "Biodiversity"

International Centre for Environment Audit and Sustainable Development (iCED) is organizing an International Workshop on Biodiversity 22-24 February 2021 and on 1-3 March 2021. Both workshops have the…

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